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Wheelies Nightclub, a ruota libera in Second Life

Flying with disability in Second Life

By Margaret Cassidy

The disabled can fly in Second LifeThe virtual world Second Life has had a lot of bad press recently in Australia that has focused on the narcissistic and unprincipled behaviour of some of its inhabitants. Nearly six million people have joined Linden Lab’s Second Life since it went public in 2003 and there are currently 1.75 million ‘active’ members who have logged on in the last two months.

Wheelies Business Plan

Voici le BP du prochain club « wheelies « de Simon Walsh.

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Wheelies Business Plan


Wheelies is the first disability themed nightclub within secondlife and was first properly launched in September 2006 and is being relaunched on 18th May 2007. The club is a friendly environment where disabled and non-disabled sl users can meet and dance without fear of prejudice.

Second Ability, in Second Life :

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