Second Life, AI Character Animations

From Any Gynoid:
Free Class: AI Character Animations
3pm Tuesday 01/15/2013
Location on Second Life Main Grid:

This is our FINAL class in this series. The last class.

By successfully completing the exercise you earn the Certified AI Builder certificate, issued by New Citizens Inc.
This is the only certificate we have ever issued, and this is your very last chance to earn it!

CLASS 2: Pathfinding Character Animation teaches you how to make absolutely any prim or mesh creation into a pathfinding & animated character… i.e. moving arms and legs and sounds! This is a challenging class, you will use your building skills. The exercise is not canned, you will do the animations yourself. As a reward, we are offering the NCI Certified AI Developer certificate for successfully animating the AI Character… AI Kitty.

Read Aheads:
View Videos #1/5 and #2/5 on this site:

Thanks! See you in Class!