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OpenSim: an educator’s perspective

by Centre for Distance Education on Jul 01, 2011
1,092We were pleased to welcome Dr Peter Miller (University of Liverpool) to the Centre to conduct a seminar relating to virtual worlds and the open source platform OpenSim.

Here at ‘Psicologia Virtuale’in OSGrid, OpenSim


Universal Campus UCI Edu by Nebadon Izumi

University of California, Irvine, Genomics and Bioinformatics

What is the purpose of Universal Campus?
In short, Universal Campus provides an infrastructure for holding collaborative meetings, from classes, to scientific group meetings, to symposia and conferences in a virtual 3D world.
Thinking long term the 3D Web is opening new important avenues for education and research. Consider for instance, organizing a scientific meeting in a simulated environment, and compare the tradeoffs with respect to a real meeting. On the negative side, one may suggest that the quality of virtual meetings between avatars is not as compelling as face-to-face meetings between real people in the real world. This is a fair point, although one should not discount the power of technology to provide increasingly realistic haptic simulations in real time, or the additional creative inspirations that could emerge simply from being immersed in a completely novel and unusual environment. However, it must be noticed that one of the main desirable properties of a scientific meeting—allowing new ideas to emerge from serendipitous interactions between participants—is entirely preserved in a Web 3D meeting format since avatars can move around and meet in pairs or small groups randomly. Avatars can use real-time voice to communicate, as well as computer chat, which has the great advantage over voice of being asynchronous and not requiring continuous attention. Multiple chat channels can even be used in parallel. On the positive side, there are of course very considerable savings (e.g. no airplane costs or pollution, no hotel costs, no time wasted in lines) and each participant can access the meeting from anywhere in the world, possibly even from a cell phone.

In OSGRID qui il pannello a ‘Psicologia Virtuale’ con landmark alla regione ‘UCI Edu1’ dove è possibile visitare il Campus.


I-LE : Intelligent Learning Environment 
Punyanuch Borwarnginn, University of Edinburgh
22 September 2011

1 Motivation
The growth of AI technologies significant increases, it would be the benefits in many fields especially in education. The major tasks are to help the students be able to learning anywhere at any time and to support the collaboration tasks between students or teachers. However, the existing E-learning system likes Moodle are a semi-interactive learning that they are implemented based on the web-based system that they are not able to intelligent interactive and provide collaboration within a group in the real time. Apart from E-learning systems, virtual world has been developed such as second life. It presented the idea of collaboration within the virtual community but the second life doesn’t provide the knowledgeable environments such as automated tutoring system and intelligence space for working as the group.

Navigate in Unity
– Press arrow keys to walk.
– Hold a key to start running.
– Press space to jump.
– Click-drag on screen to move camera.

Here at ‘Psicologia Virtuale’ in OSGrid, OpenSim


Regione di AIUTO in OSGrid, ospitata da Moira Novo

Aiuto recirproco nei mondi virtuali
per imparare e fare assieme.


Nella foto: alcuni oggetti da OpensimVCE


Un intero Centro Commerciale, stipatissimo di ogni ben di Dio!

FreebieMall ridotto in Osgrid, a Psicologia Virtuale Sandbox
FreebieMall ridotto in Osgrid, a Psicologia Virtuale Sandbox

avatar, abbigliamento, acconciature, prodotti di bellezza (skin, shape, ornamenti, gioielli), animazioni, arredamento, the, caffè, scarpe, fiori e piante, architettura di interni ed esterni, matriali, immagini (texture) per costruzioni e tessitura (template) anche impacchettati e tutti rigorosamente gratis, copiabili, modificabili, e quant’altro!
riprodotto da Linda Kelly, per OpenSim

Freebie Mall#2 OAR
This is a fully stocked freebie mall
Use what is in there or add your own items to give away
or use it in any way you please
Version 2.0 is expanded with more stuff on the inside and outside.

Anche a ‘Psicologia Virtuale’ in OSGrid, OpenSim