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E-learning with Opensim, OpenVCE, an Open Source Virtual Collaboration Environment

OpenVCE is an Open Source Virtual Collaboration Environment linking aspects of a web-based community portal with virtual world 3D spaces.

OpenVCE uses:

  • Apache, MySQL and PHP
  • Drupal with appropriate extensions:
    • Organic Groups
    • Views module
    • Secondlife FrameworkSLUser and SLRegAPI modules
    • Twitter module
    • Calendar, events, messaging and notification modules
    • Images and Videos modules
    • WYSIWYG and TinyMCE Editor
  • Opensim
  • Various collaboration aids
  • Credits:
    • Drupal developer community, Opensim developer community
    • AIAI, University of Edinburgh: Austin Tate, Jessica Chen-Burger, Jeff Dalton, Stephen Potter, Gerhard Wickler
    • USJFCOM: Tim Bacon, David Fliesen, Jeff Hansberger
    • Wene Chke/ssm2017 Binder/S. Massaux
    • Clever Zebra: OpenVCE Second Life assets and Drupal customized theme. Please see for a range of OpenVCE related services including customization, branding, support and event management.
    • Assistance with landscaping: TwoSteps Back, Tai Clifford
    • Chat-bot services and scripts: John Zakos,
    • New World Grid and Virtus support for Opensim regions on New World Grid thanks to Olivier Battini

I-Room Tour on VCE Region in Second Life 10-Mar-2010

May 23, 2012 – 16:38 — Austin Tate


A simplified design of I-Room has been moved from its original location on the VCE region in Second Life onto OpenVCE group space on the US Army run MOSES OpenSim grid.  It is available both in a location on the main OpenVCE_00 region just off the Central Plaza, and across from the original more complex I-Room, and for experimentation it is also on a radically simplified region OpenVCE_03 on MOSES.



OpenVCE at Lapsus region, in OSGrid

OpenVCE in Lapsus region, OSGrid